Eastern Machine & Hydraulic is a full service hydraulic and mechanical shop, complete with a substantial machine and fabrication shop. These capabilities enable us to manufacture or repair hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders and repair valves, pumps, motors and other hydraulic or complex mechanical equipment. We are particularly skilled at replicating hard to find parts or repairing machinery no longer supported by the original manufacturer. 

We have the technical expertise to determine the right tolerances, fits and materials so each manufactured or repaired component is equal to or better than a new original part. We have completed thousands of jobs for industrial, construction, marine and governmental customers and pride ourselves on doing the job right.

Hydraulics · Machining · Fabrication · Engineering · Exceptional Service

We recently manufactured and installed a complex pneumatic assembly in a NASA wind tunnel.  Another example of Eastern Machine doing something no one has ever done before with great results.  Why not try us for your project?